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Back to School Music for Retail

The end of August through beginning of September is a crucial time period each year, when all retailers are affected by back-to-school consumption. This effect goes far beyond the sale of school supplies: it extends to all types of goods. Back-to-school shopping isn’t limited to children, either – for most families this time of year signals life-transition and newness. Even individuals without children behave differently this time of year due to their perceptions of end-of-summer changes.  In fact, early September often receives more attention than the actual new year each 1st of January. Therefore, it is no surprise that most retail locations employ a wide range of sales tactics this time of year. Shops are full of special discounts and promotions, vying for customers to use their spending money at their location. Music is one of the most undervalued tools that can be used to influence the impulses of these shoppers. Give in to the Impulses To use music as it should be used, one first must think about the mood the customer will be …

Guide: How to Use Music in Your Business

It’s no secret that the biggest names in business use strategic music marketing at every location where clients interact with their brands. From retail to hospitality, these strategies have been crafted by retail marketing directors and music marketing experts that take very specific nuances into account. Nevertheless, there are some basic guidelines that any business can easily implement to improve their customers’ in-store experience. At SoundMachine we’ve created a guide combining our expertise with the results of multiple experiments and studies by industry authorities. The results of their research prove that even small variables in a business’s auditory environment can have a big impact on sales. Using this knowledge in your favor can make all the difference to your business’s bottom line, and most importantly, on how customers perceive your brand in the long run. Click here to download your free guide.