Author: Ainhoa Marzol

Pitti Immagine Bimbo 2017 – The Monnalisa Fashion Show

On the 22nd-23rd of June, Pitti Immagine Bimbo held their semiannual celebration in Florence, Italy. Mostly recognized in connection with its more widely known version of fashion for men, Pitti Immagine Uomo, Pitti Bimbo is an international reunion for fashion industry professionals who specialize in apparel for children 0 – 14 years old. As of this year, Pitti Bimbo has already celebrated 85 reunions. This year more than 530 industry professionals attended (more than half of whom arrived from Italy) – making this easily one of the most important events in the children’s fashion niche. This year’s theme was “Boom, Pitti Blooms!”, and was dedicated to giving space to smaller brands that are growing incrementally. This concept was highlighted through the incorporation of different sections such as “The Nest” or “KidzFIZZ”, where areas were provided for those brands that are exploring the limits of the children’s wear industry, undaunted despite their relatively small size. Another one of the most important initiatives at this gathering was the presence of the “EcoEthic” section, which gave space to …

Guide: How to Use Music in Your Business

It’s no secret that the biggest names in business use strategic music marketing at every location where clients interact with their brands. From retail to hospitality, these strategies have been crafted by retail marketing directors and music marketing experts that take very specific nuances into account. Nevertheless, there are some basic guidelines that any business can easily implement to improve their customers’ in-store experience. At SoundMachine we’ve created a guide combining our expertise with the results of multiple experiments and studies by industry authorities. The results of their research prove that even small variables in a business’s auditory environment can have a big impact on sales. Using this knowledge in your favor can make all the difference to your business’s bottom line, and most importantly, on how customers perceive your brand in the long run. Click here to download your free guide.

InfoComm 2017 – Orlando, FL

To no one’s surprise, the number of profitable retailers across the United States seems to be in  steady decline. Over two thousand stores shut down last year alone, although that’s nothing compared to 2008 when a record 6,000 stores closed permanently. Worse, if closings for 2017 continue on their current trajectory, shut-downs will surpass even those of 2008. Although can’t bear all the blame in this story, the simple reality is that between 2010 and 2014 the e-commerce industry grew by an annual average of $30 billion dollars. InfoComm challenges the idea that this decline is the end of retail: in fact, during such a bad year for retailers, this commercial AV event has had its biggest showing ever. Over 44,000 attendees packed into the event (a 14% increase since last year’s gathering held in Las Vegas). This huge turnout may signal the reinvention of retail: If stores are closing at such a dramatic rate, those that remain must face the need to create new experiences for customers, increasing their competitiveness in the marketplace. …